Sealed PocketVertical Blinds

Our Ultrasonically Sealed Bottom Pocket range of vertical blinds are great for around the family home.
They don’t require any chains to join the louvres and there are no visible weights.
When paired with with a control wand, or motorised option*, these blinds are perfectly safe to use anywhere in the family home.
Sealed pocket vertical blinds offer a hygenic, modern twist on the traditional chain linked vertical blind…
*Controls louvre tilt function only

No visible weights, no more chains at the base of the louvres & control options to suit your home.

Every Sealed Pocket Vertical Blind is made to measure, to exacting quality to meet our customer’s needs. With 180 degree rotation, they offer excellent control over light levels and superb privacy. Our process involves ultrasonically sealing each louvre, which gives a very fine finish with the added benefit of no chains to snag on vacuum cleaners, furniture…or feet!

Tailored bunch & draw options too!

With a fantastic selection of contemporary & traditional headrails available…

Contemporary Sealed Pocket Vertical Blinds

You can further customise the way your new sealed louvre vertical blinds function, with manual or automated controls to suit.
We always have the newest ranges of print & fabric textures available and we can craft your new blinds in individual sets up to 3.8m in width, great for extra wide windows or patio doors.

Choosing ultrasonically sealed vertical blinds is also a more environmentally sustainable choice as they use no chain components across the bottom of the louvres.
These means no joining plastic parts, which can also create obstacle or hazard to children & pets around the home – especially when used as an entrance way covering.

Ultra Modern - Ultrasonically Sealed

Want to see the superb range of sealed vertical blinds on offer?

With our straightforward home quote service available across Newark, Lincoln, Grantham & surrounding areas, call for availability & to book on 01636 614 100, drop an email to or visit our Newark showroom and we’ll be happy show you our blinds in action.

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